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Delta Striped Bass Fishing

While most boat sit on the anchor and wait for the fish to come to them, we prefer to drift because that is more exciting because we are going to the fish.  Whether it is drifting Live Bait, spooning, or tossing swim bait, we do what is necessary to hook the fish. We use high quality light tackle rods and reels for a better presentation and a thrilling experience when fighting the fish.   

San Francisco Bay & Ocean Fishing

     Get ready for a fishing adventure in San Francisco Bay and outside the Golden Gate. We focus on making sure our anglers have the trip of a lifetime pursuing the wide range game fish (salmon, halibut, striped bass, rockfish and many more) that inhabit San Francisco Bay, the Bay Area coastline, and Gulf of the Farallon Islands. 

     Whether it’s Live Bait drifting, trolling or mooching, we are focused on getting you your limit! You can be assured you are fishing with our goal of making your trip a rewarding and safe adventure.

Customized Fishing Charters

Fishing is

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